Most of the fundraising techniques and advice presented by Ken Villeneuve throughout the conference tour will reference his recent successes achieved during his time as Director of the Fondation franco-ontarienne. For this reason, the conferences are primarily targeted towards francophone minority communities across Canada. Nonetheless, many of the conferences will be taking place in cities throughout the province of Quebec.


Conference Details

Guests will get to parade down the Superstar Fundraising red carpet and have their picture taken before making their way to their seats. This conference sets itself apart with its innovative presentation format and its use of the latest technology.

The material will be presented using as much new technology as possible, such as 2D-3D animation, HD video, tablets, smart phones and social networks. For example: guests will be able to participate in activities during the presentation and interact with the speaker by accessing various social networks from their tablets or smart phones. This way, the content of each conference will be tailored to the needs of the audience.


After the conference, each guest will be able to download a FREE Fundraising e-guide, the look and content of which may be personalized to their personal fundraising needs.


During school presentations, this guide can also serve as a handbook that students can download and personalize to their liking.

Making Learning Fun!

The “Devenez une superstar en collecte de fonds” conferences are of particular interest to those who work and volunteer for non-profit organizations; however, they are intended for anyone wishing to learn more about fundraising. The material will be presented in a fun and interactive way, and guests are sure to walk away with invaluable information that will only improve future fundraising campaigns.


  • 1. The "Wow!” Effect

    Fondation franco-ontarienne
    • The Wow! Theory
    • Adding the Wow!
    • The “Ah!” Moment

    Presented by :
  • 2. Planning and organizing a fundraiser

    The Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC)
    • Comparing solicitation campaigns vs. awareness campaigns
    • Establishing a budget and setting financial goals
    • Building a team
    • Setting a timeline according to schedule
    • The various ways to donate:
      • Planned donations: Bequests, in memoriam donations, endowments
      • Payment options: one-time donations or pledges
      • Donation forms
      • Payment channels: text-to-donate and online
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  • 3. The Sponsorship package : an essantial step

    Superstar Fundraising
    • Defining the Sponsorship package
    • Describing a detailed Sponsorship package
    • Providing visibility to donors and partners: examples
    • Recognizing donors and partners
    • Using a Sponsorship package wizard
    Sponsorship package
    Presented by :
  • 4. Communication and marketing strategies

    Impression inc.
    • The search for donors and partners:
        • Who to approach?
        • How to approach them?
        • What attitude to adopt?
        • Why use a "Winner-Winner-Winner" concept
        • How to respond to "no"
        • When to use a trade in services
    • The marketing within fundraising
    • The marketing strategies
    • The essentials :
        • The importance of creativity and originality
        • The importance of protecting the image of your organization and partners
        • The advantage of using public thanks
        • The underestimated strength of personalization and marketing "one-on-one"
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  • 5. Fundraising activities

    La Fromagerie Coopérative St-Albert inc.
    • The assessment and group planning process
    • The activities to organize
    • The methods to improve and maximize revenue of your activities:
      • Having a twist
      • Celebrating your success
      • Having to spend money to make money
      • Using the proper technique: sound equipment, lighting and video
    Presented by :
  • 6. Online fundraising and making use of new technology

    Fundraising League
    • How to use new technology to your advantage
    • How to benefit from fundraising software
    • How social media fits within online fundraising
    • How to work with various online fundraising platforms
    • How to work with online giving pages
    • The Fundraising League
    Presented by :

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Fundraising Software

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  • Logilys/ProDon

    Logilys/ProDon, est très fière d’agir à titre de partenaire principal pour la tournée pancanadienne « Devenez une superstar en collecte de fonds ». Par ses idées innovatrices, ses compétences en communication et ses talents d’humoriste, nous sommes certains que les conférences livrées par Ken Villeneuve sauront dynamiser tous les participants. 

  • La Fromagerie Coopérative St-Albert inc.

    C’est avec grande fierté que la Fromagerie Coopérative St-Albert Inc. s’associe à la tournée pancanadienne « Devenez une Superstar en collecte de fonds ». Fondée en 1894 et fidèle à la tradition de ses artisans, cette fromagerie francophone de l’est de l’Ontario est non seulement une référence en terme de qualité et de bons produits mais elle se fait un devoir de préserver l’élément francophone qui est la source des producteurs laitiers de cette région. Pour cette occasion, nous invitons toutes les entreprises francophones du pays à relever le défi de cette grande tournée historique.

  • The Mobile Giving Foundation Canada (MGFC)

    The MGFC is proud to be one of the major sponsors of the Superstar Fundraising Tour. With a shared passion for figuring out what makes fundraising successful, MGFC and Superstar Fundraising endeavor together through this partnership to bring greater awareness to the channel of mobile giving and to provide education to those that are new to the concept of text-to-donate campaigns. Throughout the tour, MGFC will be sponsoring at zero cost the set-up and maintainance of multiple text-to-donate programs within each of the provinces that the tour is planned to take place.

  • Impression inc.

    Depuis plusieurs années, Impressions a la chance de travailler avec Ken Villeneuve et de le voir se démarquer par sa créativité. Il a su être avant-gardiste en utilisant notre technologie pour personnaliser les outils marketing de la Fondation franco-ontarienne et ainsi, renforcir sa relation avec ses donateurs et partenaires. C'est pourquoi, nous sommes fiers de nous associer à la tournée « Devenez une superstar en collecte de fonds » et d’appuyer Ken dans son projet innovateur.

  • La Fondation franco-ontarienne

    Depuis plus de 27 ans, la Fondation franco-ontarienne grandit grâce aux contributions de ses généreux donateurs et partenaires afin de pouvoir remplir sa mission qui est d’appuyer des projets de la francophonie ontarienne. C'est donc avec plaisir que la Fondation s'associe à la tournée "Devenez une superstar en collecte fonds", une belle conférence qui saura faire profiter plusieurs associations et organismes dans leurs activités, tout comme la nôtre!